The Sapphire Cubicle System brings function, flexibility and a sleek design to any office space. Its crisp, clean lines compliment any decor. This tile panel system enables you to create a private office or a functional multi person office environment, allowing for easy customization. There are a wide variety of trim, fabric, glass, and laminates to choose from.

• Includes laminate worksurfaces, panel walls, and file pedestal.
• 3¼” Thick
Tackable panel walls
• We offer custom glass panels to give a feel of open space and natural light
• Single hinged cable channel for wire managment
• Doors available for cubicles/offices over 7 feet tall
• Choice of panel heights (with option of floor to ceiling walls)
• Choice of worksurface size
• Available in custom options
• Allow 10 - 12 weeks for delivery

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Customize a cube and see how it will look with different fabric and laminate combinations